Have you been single for some time now, just out of a relationship, divorced and lonely? Are you tired of being lonely and do you think it is time to let someone into your life again? Are you looking for sites like Match? Then you are at D8U Dating at the right place. On this site, there are a number of single men and women looking for friendship, chat buddies, serious relationships and more. This number continues to increase daily, so you can be sure that the chance of finding a successful date is almost certain. The site also offers all users a safe and discreet online platform where they can exchange messages with other users without worrying about it. Because this site has many similarities with Match.com, this site can also be seen as a good alternative to Match.com. Does this seem interesting to you and do you want to score your own D8u date or chat buddies today? Register today for free on D8U.com and get started right away with finding suitable D8u matches.

How can I register on D8U?

Both men and women can register on this site completely free, quickly and easily. Among other things, you can register by clicking on the "Join Us" tab on the site's homepage or you can fill in the online click-through form which you will find on the homepage of the site under the heading "Your Gender?". In this form you fill in whether you are male or female, whether you are looking for a male or female, date of birth, working e-mail address and password of your choice. After clicking on the 'join now' tab and confirming the registration, you can immediately start working on the site to find a suitable D8U date.

Free membership vs VIP membership

On D8U, all new users are automatically assigned the free membership to the site. With this membership you can create a profile, browse profiles, read articles and take part in competitions. However, a free D8U account offers limited access to the various functionalities of the site. Do you want to increase the chances of finding a successful date? Then it is best to opt for the VIP membership. With this membership you can do everything free members can on the site and more. VIP members can also post Unlimited comments on other members content, can read unlimited incoming messages and send private messages, free members can also read and reply to your messages, you can upload unlimited media, you will appear at the top of search results and you can skip the moderation queue.

What does the D8U membership cost me?

Anyone who is interested in D8U and who wants to meet his or her partner through this site can register on the site completely free, quickly and easily. You do not have to worry that you will suddenly be faced with surprises and that an amount will be collected for registering on this site. There is a small financial fee for the VIP membership, but compared to the many benefits that this membership brings, your subscription costs are almost negligible. You can choose a VIP subscription of one month, three months and twelve months. You can easily pay the costs with a visa card or credit card. The costs of the monthly subscriptions are as follows:

  • 1 month, $ 39.99 per month
  • 3 months, $ 29.99 per month
  • 12 months, $ 15.99 per month

The 12-month subscription is the most advantageous because, given the amount for a monthly subscription, you actually pay for 5 months and get 7 months for free. The 3-month subscription is the most popular among users.

I don't want to receive e-mail notifications anymore

Occasionally, the site may send messages to you. It may be that there is a new promotion or that you can become a VIP member of the site at a cheaper rate. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates such messages. Fortunately, you are not obliged to receive the messages either. If you no longer wish to receive messages, you can choose not to receive e-mail notifications anymore. You can disable this option as follows: Select your preferences by unchecking the options within the Email & Notifications section in the Advanced tab of your profile's Settings. Don't forget to hit Update.

How can I delete my profile from the site?

It may well happen that for some reason you no longer wish to use the services of the site. It is possible that you are now in a serious relationship, have found your own D8U friend or you name it. Don't worry, the site offers you the opportunity to safely remove your profile from the site. You can delete your profile by sending a message to customer service. These will then arrange the removal for you and notify you.

Is the site mobile compatible

Many people wonder if they can only access the site through a desktop. No, D8U dating is mobile compatible and can therefore be accessed via your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. So you are always and everywhere available. All you need is a mobile device and internet and then you are good to go. Do you have free moments and do you want to have a nice chat with your potential D8U lover? Log in and enjoy yourself on the site. You never miss messages again and you can respond quickly and easily to messages and requests that come in.

I have another question

For any questions or comments, feel free to contact the site's customer service by filling out the online contact form. You can access this form by clicking on the "contact support" tab. There will first be a list of frequently asked questions and answers to the questions. If your question does not correspond to the questions on this list, you can fill in the contact form. You then have to click on the tab "submit a ticket", a new web page will appear with the form in which you can select a category, process your message and any attachment and send it. Customer service will then try to answer all questions asked as quickly as possible.