What exactly is a unicorn, to begin with?

It isn't a horse with a single horn on its head that children enjoy, nor is it a specialty coffee from a high-end chain in our situation.

No, a unicorn is a single woman looking to have a good time with a partner; we're talking adult entertainment here, not board games.

Caroline Giulani, Rudy Giuliani's daughter, has even enthusiastically endorsed it in Vanity Fair.


Unicorn hunters are couples hunting for a threesome with a third woman

It's essentially a twist on a theme for no-strings-attached entertainment. For a man who isn't into foursomes or being a cuckold, it's less scary.

Let's face it, the notion of a threesome with two women appeals to the majority of males. Just for a change of pace, or to see them having a good time together and decide to join in.

Finding a unicorn, as in the fabled creature, can be challenging, but it turns out that it isn't as difficult as it appears once you know where to search. Many lesbians and bisexual women have complained about being contacted by the guy's girlfriend or wife, who isn't being forthright about her desire to have a threesome, which isn't cool.

As a result, you should only utilize a unicorn dating site to meet single ladies who are truly ready to be unicorns.

There is, of course, such a website.

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