Are you single, divorced, in a relationship, lonely or just in the mood for a new love? Does finding a nice date in everyday life seem like a special challenge because it is not written on people's foreheads in the first place that they are single and do you not come into contact with persons who may be single, for example? Then you are at the right place at eHarmony. On this dating site you are assured that all members are single and just like you the members on this site are also looking for the great love of their lives. eHarmony itself is an American dating site and has been around for many years. The site itself claims that, on average, 4% of marriages in the US per day are the result of and meeting through This dating site contains the highest quality dating pool and that’s the reason why every fourteen minutes someone finds his or her lover on this site. 51% of all members on this site are male and 49% are female. So there is a balanced distribution and the chance of finding a suitable partner is also many times greater. Does this site seem exciting to you and do you want to meet your own eHarmony lover? Sign up for free on today and who knows, you might get in touch with your future husband or wife today.

I also want to join eHarmony

It is a great joy to join this exciting dating site. Anyone who needs a fun date and more can register on this site completely free, quickly and easily. The sign-up process takes just seconds of your time. To register, you must first go to the homepage of the site and then fill in the online registration form which you will find under the heading "Start Free Today" or you can click on the "Join Now" tab. In the registration form you have to fill in, among other things, whether you are a man or a woman and whether you are looking for a man or a woman. In addition, you will also be asked for a working e-mail address and a password of your choice. 

After this you can click on the tab "Join Now". After successfully completing the registration process, you can immediately start finding your own eHarmony lover. To make full use of the dating site, completing your profile in full is important so the site can match you efficiently. 

Basic membership vs Premium membership

All new eHarmony users are automatically assigned the free membership to the site. With such a basic membership you get access to unlimited matches, you have the ability to send and receive Smiles, Icebreakers, & Greetings, as well as respond to a first message. You can also browse anonymously and see recent visitors to your profile.

Have you become a bit familiar with the different functionalities of the site and do you want to accelerate and increase the chance of finding a real eHarmony date? Then it is best to choose the eHarmony Premium membership. This gives you full access to eHarmony and all of its capabilities like unlimited matches, enhanced search features, viewing photos of all your matches, and unlimited communication. Starting a great, new relationship shouldn't be rushed. Since shorter plans wouldn't allow you to take full advantage of eharmony to get to know your matches online first, you can choose between different Premium Membership plans which are for a period of 6, 12, or 24-months.

How can I delete my profile?

It may of course occur that members no longer wish to use the services of the site. The reasons are often varied. Some already have a steady relationship and still others want to try their luck elsewhere. Fortunately, the site does not make it difficult for you, you can safely delete your profile at any time from the databases of the site. You can delete your profile by logging into the site and then clicking on the arrow next to your photo at the top of the screen to open the dropdown menu. Then click on the tab "Data & Settings". Under the "Profile Status" section, click the link with the heading "To permanently delete your profile, click here".

On the following page you can confirm the permanent deletion of your profile and your personal data by entering your login password. The field for entering the password should appear in light gray. After deleting your profile you will no longer have access to your messages nor your matches. Additionally, deleting your profile is permanent and it isn't possible to restore your profile after it has been done.

An alternative to deletion is available by hiding your profile. If you wish to simply "Hide" your profile to take a break from the service, you can do so within your Data & Settings as well. Under the "Profile Visibility" section, click the green slider to make your profile invisible. You'll see a banner on your Home Page telling you that your profile is currently not visible
The change takes effect immediately and your profile will then no longer appear in the Matches list of other members.

Mobile compatible and mobile app

eHarmony is a dating site which is mobile compatible. This means that the site can be accessed not only via a desktop, but also via a PC, tablet or laptop. In addition, the site has also developed a special dating app that can be accessed via Android as well as via Apple devices. Just go to either the Android Play Store or iOS App Store and search for eHarmony. On an iPad you need to change the search options from iPad-only to iPhone.

I have another question?

If you have another question for which you cannot find an answer in the list of frequently asked questions, you can feel free to click on the 'help' tab, then on the contact eHarmony tab and then on the 'contact Customer Care' tab. An online contact form will then appear in which you can enter your e-mail address, subject and message. You can then send your message to the site's customer service team who will try to provide satisfactory answers to your questions as quickly as possible.